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Promocionel Pathogenic

QiEl Qi feature acts widely about the human body to permeate all its parts.The abundance of Qi is the basis of good health and, by contrast, a weakness or failure of it can lead to disease.Qi, distributed in various parts of the body, normally works in the following way: function Promocionel growth and development of […]

American Diabetes Association

Levels between 100 and 126 mg/dL is called alteration of glucose in fasting or pre-diabetes. These levels are considered risk factors for type 2 diabetes and its complications. A1chemoglobina A1c hemoglobin test: this test has been used in the past to help patients monitor what as well are controlling their blood glucose levels. In 2010, […]

Chevrolet Tornado

Nobody said that small is synonymous with weak. And the new Chevrolet Tornado 09 is a clear example of this. This pickup is designed in the economy and its low cost of maintenance, as well as its efficiency and power in hard work. So much so that as you can use it for hard, also […]