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The Great

By its representation of threat to one of the youngsters, Leonardo is placed in conflituosas situations arriving to go stops in the chain. But if with the cousins it did not make success, is distinguished here the great affection that the two ladies had for Leonardo. Toms, one of the cousins and friend of infancy […]

Dedicated Pharmacy

The main objective of the Program Dedicated Pharmacy is to guarantee the access most effective to medicines, minor medication cost, flexibility in the payment and to guarantee the uninterrupted use of prescribed medicines. Some disponibilizados medicines: Hidroclorotiazida Propranolol Atenolol? Captopril Enalapril Enalapril? Nifedipino? Anlodipino Acid acetilsaliclico Metformina? Glibenclamida Sinvastatina? Antibioticoterpia? Excessively constant in the Brasindice […]

Dietary Supplements

BAA – it's a great opportunity to give people all the necessary vitamins, minerals and substances, which he acquires the required number of which have great importance for the normal functioning of the organism. It's no secret that difitsit vitamins and trace elements in the human body is largely contributing to reduced immunity and health, […]

Ecofriendly Cosmetic Tips

The editorial staff recommends these products! Who think of veganism, think safe on a vegan diet. But a vegan life does not stop in the kitchen. In contrast to vegetarians, vegans set a focus on the moral side of life. It is therefore the conviction generally refrain on products of animal origin, and thus […]

Two Cosmetic Products

Two awards for DR. GRANDEL ‘Readers Choice Awards’ Augsburg, in December 2009: DR. GRANDEL, the experts in natural health and beautiful being, has once again succeeded to convince a critical jury of quality and richness of innovation of their products. “” “The Department DR. was able last month to GRANDEL cosmetic and ARABESQUE equal about […]