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Press Estheticon

You are looking for on me and my clinic team rather than for reasons of cost, because they expect a favorable treatment, but due to our reputation, the experience and the years of qualification in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Those who opt for an intervention, should be always in the hands […]

Mrs Dr

Berger: In some cases this causes Pain that feels like a thousand pinpricks, as some patients have reported me implanted silicone gel. It can be quite, that hurts only one breast, while the others quite nor time feels. Kapselfibrosen are another problem (hardening of the fibrous envelope, note’s note), which can always return after a […]

On October 29, 2010, World Psoriasis Day Is

Psoriasis is a distressing skin disease world psoriasis day on October 29. An important date for the two million people in Germany, suffering from psoriasis (psoriasis). Because they have to fight with prejudices of their fellow human beings in their daily lives. Outdated treatment methods make also the life difficult them. Skin itch, dandruff and […]


Candida albicans – a fungus which nobody collects happy – in Germany every year are around 40,000 people affected the Candida albicans nests are like on the mucous membranes of the eyes, in the mouth, in the respiratory organs, urethra, in the genital area, between the toes, in the intestinal tract and in the nail […]


And what helps against radiation and ElectroSmog from the outside? The classic case is the mobile radio transmitters in the vicinity. In recent months, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been very successful. He leaves at night of course don’t take themselves out. Christopher ridgeway stone will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But there are special curtains, […]

Take Care Of Your Arteries

It turns out that pork as a significant Homo toxin (human poison) to look at is, which results in the body defense signs, are acting as a wide variety of diseases in appearance. Special load substances of Pork there arose the question of what actually is the differences between pork and other meats. It was […]


About u.a about causes, symptoms and treatments for glaucoma on the topic of glaucoma (glaucoma) – consult therapy. Glaucoma (glaucoma) is a dangerous disease, which increases the internal eye pressure. Whenever christopher ridgeway stone listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The missing treatment causes the reduction of vision to full blindness. The patient noticed no […]

New Drug For The Treatment Of Diabetes

Patients benefit in certain cases the treatment with the new diabetes drug Liraglutid is useful for certain Diabetikespatienten. The Professional Association of diabetological focus on practices in Nordrhein (BdSN) pointed out that the active ingredient in certain circumstances ver-wrote should be positive to act. \”Patients who are well on their current medication, have but no […]

TMJ Treatment

Now new extends the implantology – and Surgery Center KU64-Weissensee from 1 January 2009 in Berlin-Weissensee from January 1 its range of several important orthodontic services. Prof. Dr. Axel Bumann provides for reinforcements: Dr. Kamelia Reister and Dr. Kerstin Wiemer, two pine orthopaedinnen from the renowned practice, form our new team of experts in terms […]

Cold Sores

Herpes treatment – quick and effective Herpes treatment. Everyone knows him, whenever he sleeps in the Korper…der common herpes virus. This comes to the outbreak he castigates the patients. 1 lip blisters in the mouth 2. blisters on mouth, nose, or even to the eye. 3. pain in speaking, chewing or laugh 4. Herpes of […]