Monthly Archives: September, 2018

Thumb Rizartrosis

The complex joint of the thumb, consists of four joints: trapecioescafoidea, trapeziometacarpal, metacarpofalangea and interfalangea, which provide a basis for the thumb, defines our ancestral anatomical evolution from the APE through the provision of an effective member. Ironically, the trapeziometacarpal joint is responsible for the most common illness that leads from reconstruction of the upper […]

Tips To The Take Off For Overweight

Weight loss begins in the head: who has the right attitude, which it will also succeed in successfully grow and keep his weight on duration. To lose a few pounds is and remains a distant dream for many people. Before you but hastily resigned, following a few important tips, such as perhaps still fulfill this […]

The Birds

Also, has proven that some specific cuts of these animals provide less cholesterol than red meat: more lean parts provide between 55 and 75 milligrams per 100 grams, arguably less than lamb meat or vaccines. This last happens because as pork meat is rich in monounsaturated fat, a type of oleic acid characteristic of olive […]

New Annual Highs

At this point in the month of August and after all lived since March, no one disputed that the tendency of our indicator, and those of all other countries is clearly bullish. I describe a graph of Ibex 35 where we see the complete fall since December 2007. From March lows, he corrected 23.60% fall […]