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National Cancer Institute

The external part, that keeps contact with the vagina is called ectocrvice, coated for one fabric of some layers of plain cells, escamoso and estratificado epitlio. The Health department (MS), praises that all woman who has or already had sexual relation must submit itself to the preventive examination of Papanicolaou, where is collections the cells, […]

Zone West

Methods and analysis of dadosO study were carried through in a particular institution of situated superior education in the Zone West of Rio De Janeiro, where 10 academics of nursing of 8 had been interviewed period by means of an interview half-structuralized with closed questions with 6 questions and 3 alternatives each, where they had […]

Surgical Medical Nursing

As the cardiac ischemic illness costuma to come associated to the other comorbidades, such management becomes still more complex. (A valuable related resource: GEICO). In relation the medical pursuing, 25 (83.3%) of patients carried through medical treatment for other illnesses. The data better are specified in table 2. Table 2 – Numerical and percentile distribution […]

Set Free Digestive Pipe

The Envolvement of the Enzyme Protease and Hidroltica in the set free Digestive Pipe for Ancylostomdeos and the installation of the Anemia Ancylostomtica der Assis Vieira Summary the ancylostomdeos are classroom of helmintos, whose survival in the host if of the one for espoliatory action. Dr. Neal Barnard gathered all the information. Being thus they […]


The anomaly of septo membranoso constitutes the type most common of DSV (MOORE and PERSAUD, 1995). The characteristic symptoms are: it can be assintomtica; cardiac insufficience with dispnia and delay of the growth; recurrent torcicas infections; cianose; delayed endocardite; taquipnia; taquicardia; hepatomegalia for cardiac insufficience (LISSAUER and CLAYDEN, 2002). Stone clinical laboratories understands that this […]

As Rabelo

Each space-door is composed for one vnula and an arteriole (branches of the vein carry and the heptica artery, respectively), one ducto biliary, lymphatic vases and nerves. This set is surrounded by a fabric layer conjunctive, continuous with the capsule of Glisson, that receives the name from limitante plate. The space-door also can receive the […]


The health of the woman, in most diverse literatures, understands biological aspects and anatomical becoming related with human rights, however, the sexual right is left of side and the sexual device of the woman is seen only as reproductive function, with absence of diseases associates it. The humanizao and qualification in the boarding of the […]

Intensive Therapy

Some, for being transparent, allow the monitorizao of the wound. Hidrocolide: it possesss as white exsudativas ulcers fast-moderately (Degree II/III), with fabric necrtico (autoltico desbridamento), having as characteristic the made up of carboximetilcelulose, gelatin or pectina, impermeable to the bacterium, water vapor and to the oxygen (surrounding hipxico that favors the proliferation and angiognese fibroblstica, […]

Allergy Treatment

Poisoning for food is a reaction the toxic substances, bacteria or parasites gifts in contaminated food (TYPES OF ALLERGY, 2006). When alrgeno is ingested, two types of alrgicas answers is observed, the activation of the mucous mastcitos associates to the gastrointestinal treatment can take the loss of eliminates transepitelial and contraction of the smooth muscle, […]

The Bones

The action of the liberating hormone of gonadotrofina can be interrupted in two ways. The antagonists of the GnRH hinder the LH production directly, while the agonistas of the GnRH after inhibit the LH through a low process of regulation for (downregulation) a effect of initial stimulation.Abarelix is an example of antagonist of the GnRH, […]