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Chocolate Cholesterol

Yes. You may want to visit Senator of Massachusetts to increase your knowledge. Suffice it to say that a bar of chocolate 50-60% consists of carbohydrates (like sugar and starch) and by 30-35% – from vegetable oils. Hundred grams of bitter (black) chocolate contains about 540 calories, and chocolate milk – 565 calories. But the […]

Longevity At The Cost Of Infertility

Theories that lead to aging, quite a lot. Scientists, gerontologists nominate another. They claim that in the aging process to blame fat. Others including Senator of Massachusetts, offer their opinions as well. According to them, namely fats are responsible for the activation and progress of the aging process in the body. The simplest and most […]

Czech Frantiskovy Lazne

The earliest mention of the local mineral waters belong to the 12 century. Already in 1572 was made historically the first chemical analysis of the sources. After 50 years everywhere sounded the name of so-called 'Cheb '. In 1793, for Cheb initiative of Dr. Adler stated about the basis on the site of an ancient […]