Promocionel Pathogenic

QiEl Qi feature acts widely about the human body to permeate all its parts.The abundance of Qi is the basis of good health and, by contrast, a weakness or failure of it can lead to disease.Qi, distributed in various parts of the body, normally works in the following way: function Promocionel growth and development of the human body, physiological activities of Zang-Fu organs and meridians, the blood circulation and the distribution of body fluids, depend on all of the promoter and stimulating effect of Qi.A Qi deficiency impairs blood circulation, causes dysfunctions in the transformation and distribution of body fluids, and leads to the production of phlegm-damp in the interior. Function of calentamientoLa normal body temperature is maintained and reflows due to Qi.Classic problems doctors, reads: Qi does one of warming.A Qi deficiency can cause drops in body temperature, intolerance to cold and cold extremities. Function defensivLa function for the defence of the Qi manifests itself in two aspects: 1) protects the surface of the skin against exogenous pathogenic factors and 2) fights against exogenous pathogenic factors once have invaded the body.When the defensive function of Qi is normal, exogenous pathogenic factors have difficulties to invade the body, and although they could invade it, would have been unlikely that cause a disease, and even, if they should cause a disease, this disease would be easy to cure. When the defensive function of Qi becomes weak, i.e., when the capacity of the human body to fight against exogenous pathogenic factors weakens, the body is flooded with ease and manifest diseases, which would also be difficult to cure. Consolidation and Gobernacionpor function consolidate and govern means that Qi has the ability to command, control, and consolidation of liquid substances and the organs in the abdominal cavity.This takes place in the following forma:1 – keeps the blood flowing inside of the vessels without extravasarse.2 – controls and adjusts the secretion and excretion of sweat, urine, and saliva and prevents fluids corporales.3 exhaust – consolidates and stores sperm and prevents their issuance as well as ejaculation precoz.4 – consolidates the position of the bodies and prevents it downward.

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