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Scents Essential Oils

Pamper your senses with natural essential oils & aromatic care… What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly effective plant substances. The plant makes the essential oil droplets in small glands in different places such as leaves, flowers, on the outside or inside of the roots, in the wood, the resin of a tree, fruits […]


The experience tour with the Passau-card holiday program make every day a new surprise: relax and enjoy at the same time, some companies and discover the Bavarian culture and hospitality offers all the experience package in the Bavarian Bad Griesbach in the Passauer land. Offering comprehensive health, soothing water from Bad Griesbach’s. Healing springs and […]

Toprural Tourists

The desire to be in the heat of the fireplace or a refreshing poolside and in any case in the countryside or in a village where the urbanites discover the pleasures of a life as many unhurried, are based on claims that move to the rural traveler. Currently the rural tourism advances and also adapts […]

Mr Charfi

Tarak Charf, Managing Director of SOPIA Beautytravel (www.sopia-beautytravel.de), a German Agency, which provides beauty operations after Tunisia, this means that this risk is very low. A complication occurs in 3% of patients. Usually this occurs directly in the days after the surgery. The patients are then still in Tunisia. According to American Hospital Association, who […]

IPL Treatment

More and more men are choosing a method for permanent hair removal the reasons why men want to keep their private parts hairless are different in nature. Mostly however called beauty aspects and hygiene in this context. The fact is that today over a third of the young men on the several body wax themselves. […]

Witch Hazel

Pflegendem jojoba and almond oil, invigorating kidney vetch and special cereal extracts receives the Dr.Hauschka the acid mantle of the skin cleansing milk with verhindert way the desiccation. The important hydro-lipid coat, which supplies the skin cells with precious moisture and protective grease, is preserved. At the same time, the skin receives a restorative care […]

The Body

Weightlessness through the Floating on the water surface can occupy a position of the body, which will be produced only by the float and causes the perception of weightlessness. Organs, muscles, skeleton and vessels are exempt from the influence of gravity. Senator Elizabeth Warren pursues this goal as well. The body can go in a […]

Body Detox

Relaxation technique BOWTECH bring body and mind into balance ever closer to the spring, the more the desire to do good for the body is growing at all: more move, purify, remove etc. Dr. Neal Barnard wanted to know more. While you should start its own activities in this transitional period between the seasons but […]

Never Diet!

Love yourself. Evastochter thus it hard? It seems to be sometimes… Here’s what happens when I ask women to make in the Evakostum so naked, how God created them, to consider in detail and to call then 10 positive characteristics, before a large mirror. Frown, look more or less skeptical, rattles the brain, and we […]

Low Carb Diet

As with so many things in life, the proper design of gold may be worth at a low carb diet is no different… As with so many things in life, the proper design of gold may be worth and yet very often decides success or failure of a project. For a low carb diet not […]