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Greek Population

In this period, where the small peasants represented exception, the great parcel of the population was formed for wage-earning peasants and in general, that they gave services for the great large estate owners. The cities, that depended to a large extent on the agricultural production of the great properties, were inhabited by some thousands, divided […]

Oil Protein Diet

These are the information that you wanted to withhold from you! Dr. Johanna Budwig and the oil protein KOST…das are the information that you wanted to withhold from you. There are alternative cancer therapies for many years, but only the Internet opened up possibilities, to confront the Suppression of this possible alternatives in recent times. […]

The German Anti-aging

In addition, it has been proven changing habits that were associated with smoking especially in the first phase of cessation. Who wants to gradually stop smoking should begin systematically to reduce the daily dose of nicotine. Thus, slowly decreases the nicotine dependency and makes the final stop. AIDS such as nicotine replacement products, fruit, vegetables, […]

So Paulo

These information and codes also are transmitted by means of the necklaces used for the umbandistas. The wire colors, number, number of firms, for example, they can say very on its carrier. This adornment is concentrative of the energies of orixs of the person, is not simple ‘ ‘ enfeite’ ‘ , but it is […]