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The Two Giocondas

Which are the feelings that in them transmit the face of the Gioconda? The thoughts are innumerable that if can have. It would be smiling? In positive case, for who – Leonardo? Or its smile represents souvenirs of pleasant facts – it looked at, without in the truth ' ver' who was to its front, […]

Facet Empire Ensemble – The Shortlist For The German Book Prize 2013

buecher.de takes a look at the six finalists who German book price is and remains the most prestigious literary award in this country. Only the nomination on the long list of German Book Prize in 2013 could already be considered a success. Prominent names were on this appearance and many new face was a surprise. […]

Heavenly Fantasy Novel

The magician of Roses (trilogy) by Bettina Weber appeared 2011 Noel-Verlag. Volume one conspiracy in the cloud Castle “in the world performs a, which is guarded by the magic of the rose Mage.The Roses Mage I conspiracy in the cloud Castle ” a” magical “Introduction to the trilogy long ago all inhabitants of Merviliens had […]

40 years ago the school of writing founded Germany’s Hamburg the first author school, February 19, 2009 – the school of writing celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Started as a pioneer four decades ago, the school of writing is one of the largest and best-known writing institutes in German-speaking countries today. With the Institute […]

Teaching Poetry

2 In: Visual poetry, Video So Paulo Poetry, Perspective, 1999, P. 82: ' ' In way that nothing better, when fazemosuma experience of graphical computation, I can offer to its friends of the LSI the poet answers to the author of the book, of the Polytechnical school, a poem dedicado memory of professor Mario Schenberg.' […]

The Great

By its representation of threat to one of the youngsters, Leonardo is placed in conflituosas situations arriving to go stops in the chain. But if with the cousins it did not make success, is distinguished here the great affection that the two ladies had for Leonardo. Toms, one of the cousins and friend of infancy […]

Thing Called Heart

Rabea Becker & DOM Haring, 22 in Meerbusch in their reading performance the thing… See more detailed opinions by reading what stone clinical laboratories offers on the topic.. Heart called the Meerbuscher poet Rabea Becker scattering glass fragments in the hearts of the listeners. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear […]

The Article

It went what me to the soul at that moment could be described as fire that arde, leaving pain, anguish, desolation and mainly fear. Fear of the souvenirs and of that, it has very, I left stops backwards. The sun went high, as always, the landscape had also not moved. I already was not only […]

Ear And Eye Healthcare

Eyes on the ears healthy medicine in September whistling, noise, blades: each fourth in Germany has already had a disturbing noise in the ear according to the German Tinnitus League. At most, it subsides again, but it is a constant companion for more than three million people and manifests itself in a chronic tinnitus. A […]

Independent Friendship

Ccero was born next to Rome, in 106 B.C. Politician, jurist, orator, philosopher with a vast and important workmanship. It exerted influence in the culture occidental person. Through the narrative of dialogues of its pairs it passes the following slight knowledge on friendship:The first bedding of the friendship is the reciprocal affection; In the friendship […]