Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Federacy Paranaense

The stadiums In 1933, the Britnia received from Coritiba FC the Gracious Park, in the Juvev quarter, where it ordered its games up to 1940. The stadium was known as ' ' Armado&#039 cement; ' , not for the arquibancadas ones, remodelled in 1927, but for the hardness of its lawn. From 1941, it passed […]

Rehabilitation And Frustration

Who's fault is it that we suddenly (or suddenly) are disappointed in some man? Only we ourselves – in fact it is we come up with some sort of image, ideal, and try to adjust the real person under this idol. And somehow severely distressed, when a person does not fit into these frameworks devised […]

School Financial

If you think about money all around us, parents constantly make purchases, receive a paycheck, pay bills, take or give a loan. In the advanced "families" keep records of expenditures, "lay" and invest money. Therefore, literally from birth, the baby is immersed in this environment, absorbs any of the information – from the TV (credit […]