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Second Consecutive Year

Expocannabis, for second consecutive year in Malaga returns with the second Expocannabis Edition, the fair of cannabis and hemp, to the Palace of fairs and Congress of Malaga. The appointment, during the last weekend of April, from the 29th to May 1. The Organizer expected attendance of visitors from points such as Andorra, France, Germany, […]

Happy 2011 Year

This year ending and this coming year I have been and I am bless @ by the divine light East 2011 I am deserving of everything good, not something or a little bit, but everything good. From this moment disuelvo any restrictive or negative thoughts Disuelvo and I release from all the limitations of the […]

Financial Education For Children

"It is imperative that our schools begin to teach young people to invest their health and long-term economic welfare. If we do not, we will have a huge time bomb in our hands." Robert T. Kiyosaki is not a secret. It is widely known, and still are doing too little. The government pension plans can […]

Moraes Education

She is necessary to review the form as the resume if structure today for then thinking ways to intervine and to move. Pablo Freire (1996) if did not limit to analyze as they are the education and the pedagogia, but he shows a theory of as they must theoretically be understood and as if she […]


In this period of training it can be observed the negative influences in the individual development. The individual starts to produce little, with a bigger margin of error, or even though to leave to produce. According to Greenber (2002), the negative effect of stress can appear not only when tragic situations occur (the death of […]