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GALLO Illness

Other causes of infarto acute of the myocardium enclose the nip or sudden constriction of a coronary artery, the suppliment of diminished oxygen (former: acute sanguineous loss) and the demand increased for the oxygen (former: ingestion of cocaine). 2,2 Same INCIDENCE that the mortality associated with cardiac and vascular problems has diminished 25% since the […]


Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise The confinement in the home for a period very drawn out without the contact with the exterior is harmful for any person. Worse still it is for the aged one. Many are the cases of aged people who had started to after present difficulty in the […]

Shoulder Health

To know how to have great shoulders and to cover those pieces with bone that always seem to excel, she is one of the most common questions that the thin types do when it is to construct muscle and to gain muscular mass. The great and ample shoulders create an imposing silhouette that shows confidence […]