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Thing Called Heart

Rabea Becker & DOM Haring, 22 in Meerbusch in their reading performance the thing… See more detailed opinions by reading what stone clinical laboratories offers on the topic.. Heart called the Meerbuscher poet Rabea Becker scattering glass fragments in the hearts of the listeners. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear […]

Identify With The Heart?

A spiritual path in accordance with reason not our five senses are the basis of all knowledge? The author Peter doubted the importance of sensory perception Lux, but he won’t let her apply as the exclusive source of experience. Objective”observation and logical conclusions are the basis of scientific knowledge. But what is with our subjective […]

Ear And Eye Healthcare

Eyes on the ears healthy medicine in September whistling, noise, blades: each fourth in Germany has already had a disturbing noise in the ear according to the German Tinnitus League. At most, it subsides again, but it is a constant companion for more than three million people and manifests itself in a chronic tinnitus. A […]