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Financing And Capital Raising Businesses Even In Times Of The Credit Crunch

Financing seminar on March 11, 2010, for entrepreneurs and consulting practitioners Dr. Werner financial services group offers its practice-oriented Finance meeting on “Capital and financing for medium-sized companies in times of the credit crunch” on March 11, 2010 at special rates. The financial Conference provides detailed information about all the options to more equity capital […]


A 35, married with a child, has taken in addition for retirement yet. What would he do?” Who did not yet for the private insurance, should first check the entry into a company pension plan. As a general rule: not all eggs in one basket set, but wide spread. Learn more about what you wanted […]

Germany Insurance

What you should consider when you want to invest money on a tag account or deposit a few percentage points can make a big difference on a financial investment and who wants to give away money. Learn more at this site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. So who wants to open a day money account or invest […]

Business Credit Cards

Targeted spending separate from business through two different credit cards. Barclaycard Business offers a combination of Visa card and MasterCard credit cards specifically for self-employed persons and companies. This can be separated targeted business spending by private spending. The Visa card for business expenses, the MasterCard for private purchases. With the Barclaycard Business, the precise […]

German Handball Federation

Just in the dark winter months, this is a crucial point. Clean reflectors and light clothing are also important, to be seen by other traffic participants at an early stage. The proper functioning of the brakes and the tires should regularly cyclists. What should you pay attention particularly? At snow-covered and uberfrorener road, there is […]

VARIO Tariff Series

Miss no time limits or later resent missed options in the last week I already wrote about the bad news the Central. Not only the targeted post adjustment to January 2012 is a clear signal with 10-20%, also the insurer withdraws completely from the “entry level”. This meant the closure of tariffs “ECOline tariffs KE, […]

Tcompagnie Gmb

The ideal (1) is here surprisingly not in distant distance. Only 6 points separate the two companies. Slightly behind the DKV follows on rank 3. Carsten Zuckriegl principle investigator: It is interesting to see that the actions of some product providers will be reflected in the results of this study. The study serves not only […]

Closedend Funds

The average age of the investors has arrived at a high level. A closed-end real estate fund, which was established in 2007, shows that the average age of the investors in this Fund at a high level at least has arrived. It was drawing this example Fund for 65 years. The Fund has a planned […]

Pet Owners Liability

Farmers insurance takes over the animal liability injury as well as property and financial losses for dogs and horses In general. The insurance sum in EUR millions, take over some insurance costs incurred up to a height of 20 million euro. PCRMs opinions are not widely known. Policyholders should always pay attention to a maximum […]

Building Insurance Often Not Sufficient In Natural Disasters & Weather Extremen

Tornado, earthquake, floods occur more and more frequently. Erdbeeben in the Black Forest, Tornado at Schwerin, uprooted trees and roofs covered by a cyclone near Berlin and Cologne and all about within one month. What sounds like a doomsday scenario actually is reality. The remnants of the forces of nature not rarely go into the […]