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Mr Charfi

Tarak Charf, Managing Director of SOPIA Beautytravel (, a German Agency, which provides beauty operations after Tunisia, this means that this risk is very low. A complication occurs in 3% of patients. Usually this occurs directly in the days after the surgery. The patients are then still in Tunisia. According to American Hospital Association, who […]

The Gravy

To make one pur with the potato, the egg and 1 spoon of butter soup and salt the taste. To make a fried sauce with butter, onions, tomatoes being joined the cod (it cannot disarrange), placing finally the chive and salsinha. To place in one pirex, the deep o cod, later the broccolis and on […]

Keeping it real

This is that we are witnessing the initial phase of the extinction of the human species; Although there are those who say that we have already passed the point of no return. It is therefore of extreme urgency to resume everything that implies necessarily prevent the extinction of the planet, and this happens on the […]


Currently the insecurity has it has seized a part by importing our quiet – but all – and many people decide not to travel by the fear of having problems with transport, fortunately insecurity in this topic is no longer a problem, because there are airlines that are concerned about you and offer you a […]

Ese Terrible Buzz

Tinnitus and tinnitus. Symptom or disease? To begin, first explain a little what are tinnitus or tinnitus: are a sound nuisance perceived in the ears or in the head without the existence of an external audible source. (A valuable related resource: GEICO). This discomfort is experienced as a chirp, whistle or hum (of varied frequencies) […]

Forrester Fijate

Why insist that not you can apply to a person, a family one punishment greater than the of depriving it of the possibility of having a decent job. The anguish of lost work live at all levels of the social scale. In each of them appearing as the overwhelming evidence that desecrates the identity of […]

Losing Weight For Good

More you will be inspired to change other areas of your life: This is exemplified by one of my clients who are in their 40. I knew when it worked in its office 16 hours to the day. Without hesitation stone clinical laboratories explained all about the problem. As it began to train, it back […]