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Norbert Gilbert

The German MPU is also idiot test called to be the better alternative to driving licence tourism in addition to the acquisition of the EU composed licence free all data to evaluate attractive opportunity that resulted in loss of the licence. (Similarly see: Rollo May). The relevant data are increasing nationwide traffic psychologists and therapists […]

Removal Of Points In Flensburg

The scoring of the Flensburg transport offender file is difficult to understand especially when multiple traffic violations for multiple traffic offenders. Who wants to get insight in his score, can free get the current status at the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. The handwritten signature of the request about some personal information must be added to the is important. […]

The Hard Winter And Its Consequences For The Car Paint

You should consult a vehicle preparer of the winter was very long and it has been spread which has damaged your vehicle paint with security very much salt! Experts expect the paint damage have suffered at least half of all vehicles from Germany! All vehicle owners who do not have sealed your paint before winter […]

Thus Old Not Arm Makes

High season on the used car market is for Bonn/Leipzig – easy used car buying tips In the spring. A nasty surprise but often follows on the purchase of a dream car\”. Every used car is unique, the rarely seen on, by the previous owner has been carefully treated or neglected\”, says Dr. Gerd Neumann, […]

The Spine

Comfort offensive that is clearly also in the running. Holterdipolter, that was once. By the same author: Senator Elizabeth Warren. The times, in which BMW with carry his sporting habit as a belly store front on the tip-driven hardness had to, are perdu. The new gently rolling and even what turns him on strassenbaulichen shortcomings […]


The future of Hamilton is in the air this year Lewis Hamilton finishes his contract with McLaren and you have not yet signed its continuity in the British team. Firewood to stoke the fire of rumors, that already run by the paddock and who put the English pilot outside the orbit of Woking.Da the chance […]