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Rest between sets Muscular tension and time under load, are critical to muscular ipertrofii. Training programs manipulate heavy weights, number of repetitions, sets and rest intervals between them. Very few studies have drawn their attention to optimizing the structure of programs. Scientists from New Zealand reported that the athletes were able to perform more reps […]


The knowledge on hansenase makes possible to understand the illness better and to diminish the preconception in relation to the sick people (EIDT, 2004). 2. OBJETIVOEsse work is a bibliographical revision, of the main aspects disgnostic and to show the importance to it of the precocious treatment of the Hansenase.3. DESENVOLVIMENTO3.1. EtiolgicoMycobacterium agent leprae, is […]

Remedy Women’s Illness

A woman is most sensitive to stress, social and domestic turmoil, pollution, poor food and water. These factors can lead to reduced immunity, hormonal balance and, consequently, cause this or that disease. One of the most common diseases that arise on this background, a disease of the breast – breast. Equally important is heredity, but […]

Losing Weight

This new year to burn fat and lose weight, you should be clear what next: 1.) lose weight doing exercises. If you want to take advantage of the energies of the 2010 and think in lowering weight seriously doing exercises, check the following:-get your cardio to weights then. It has been proven that the body […]