Stylish Brand Action

The Warner Bros are the focus of the license issues for 2008, Batman, speed racer, the Looney Tunes sports party and Tweety action, speed and a stylish brand. Also presents consumer products at Toy Fair this year offering Warner Bros. Consumer products WBCP on this year’s toys fair present again attractive license issues are determined 2008 primarily from two exceptional event movies. The first blockbuster brings a reunion with one of the most popular film heroes of in cinema history: Batman is back and he’s better than ever! In THE DARK KNIGHT, Christian Bale as Batman is everything, to bring order to Gotham supported by Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). But soon the Joker (Heath Ledger) makes again for chaos in the city. Batman the Dark Knight will start on July 31, 2008.

Several licensees are already to develop products inspired by BATMAN, for example, Mattel, LEGO, and Carrera. So Mattel brings toy figures with an exciting and others Accessories of various characters from BATMAN the Dark Knight out, but also a range of vehicles occurring in the movie and helicopters, all ahead of course the Batmobile, which combines two Batman vehicles in itself, which are activated by push of a button. Also Bruce Wayne Sports Coupe is can transform in a few seconds by the sparkling sports car in a cool defense machine just replacing the figure of Bruce Wayne to Batman be turbo engine and rocket launcher activated. The second blockbuster, which will catapult the licensee in the 21st century, is SPEED RACER, the new masterpiece by Larry and Andy Wachowski. More info: Dr. Neal Barnard. The brothers convince once more with outstanding visuals and an innovative narrative style. Produced by Joel Silver a very successful team has teamed up here, which is already responsible for the matrix trilogy. The action-movie tells the adventures of the young racing driver speed in his thundering Mach5.

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