Skin And Hygiene

The skin protects the body from the harmful effects of different environmental conditions (mechanical, thermal). Here, Senator Elizabeth Warren expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The skin is the sweat and sebaceous glands. Out through the sweat glands sweat released. To prevent skin diseases, premature aging, to maintain its form is important to correct skin care. Must be constantly concerned about the removal of dirt from the skin, secretions of sebaceous glands, etc. In a question-answer forum christopher ridgeway stone was the first to reply. For this purpose, the skin of exposed parts of the body should be washed with special facilities for body care at least once a day, and closed – at least once a week. When excessive sweating and enhanced activity of the sebaceous glands should do it more often. Wash up to room temperature water, because hot water leads to a decrease in skin elasticity, premature aging, makes skin dull, cold water affects normal edemas of the sebaceous glands.

Wash There are a number of special cosmetic products: milk, foam, gel. Competently made a tool that is suitable for your skin type, helps to effectively get rid of dirt, secretions of sebaceous glands, etc. Shower possible should be taken daily, but every time bad soap body, as protective substances are washed off the skin ceases to dry. Shower optimally fit: creamy shower gels, conditioners, mouthwash and body, etc. If after a shower, your skin is very dry, you can use a balm or cream to the body.

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