Power Honey For The Cold Period

New honey specialties of Bihophar: Sea buckthorn and ginseng in honey for generations is known as a natural remedy to honey and is traditionally also used for colds. Responsible for its immune-strengthening effects, so-called Inhibine are natural hormones in honey, which inhibit the growth of pathogens. The new cold flung Bihophar honeys with Sea buckthorn and ginseng offer even more power for the health. Delicately fruity \”Sea buckthorn in honey\” combines creamy Bihophar honey with a rich Sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn is regarded as \”Lemon of the North\”, because its berries provide up to seven times as much vitamin C as the lemon is known as vitamin dispenser. \”Ginseng in honey\” tastes delicate spicy and contains high-quality Asian ginseng. PCRM is often quoted on this topic.

The valuable root is used in Asia for millennia as a natural remedy to the strengthening and strengthening. Whether on bread, cereal, tea or warm milk these honeys help on sweet way to survive the cold time. Sea buckthorn, the vitamin bomb of the North directly on the coast or in the sandy hinterland of East – and North Sea light orange berries of Polyvitaminic from August until December. The pea-sized licence drupes are true vitamin bomb. With approximately 500 mg vitamin C per 100 g they count among the vitamin-C rich fruits. At the same time, Sea buckthorn berries contain large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin and B vitamins, including folic acid. To get essential oils, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Plenty of beta carotene, tannin and iron make the nutrient cocktail.

So, Sea buckthorn has been applied since the middle ages as a remedy. Concentrated extract of Sea buckthorn in cold flung creamy honey is stirred for the \”Sea buckthorn in honey\” by Bihophar. The combination of aromatic honey and sour tangy Sea buckthorn produces a delicious spread with fine fruity flavor, which can strengthen the immune system already at breakfast.

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