The Great

By its representation of threat to one of the youngsters, Leonardo is placed in conflituosas situations arriving to go stops in the chain. But if with the cousins it did not make success, is distinguished here the great affection that the two ladies had for Leonardo. Toms, one of the cousins and friend of infancy of Leonardo also kept one ties fraternal or Pacific stops with it. Beyond the Vidinha that melted to the enchantments of the young man could not treat and defends it to it badly of clera of its cousin. This relation of existing attraction between Vidinha and Leonardo was not duradora. At the end of the Leonardo romance marriage with Luizinha arrives at firming, legally, thus come to form a new structure of family, where it does not have a description of convivncia of both, but that it is inferred for the feeling of one for the other that the union is prosperous and lasting. 4.O MAN AND the WAY Observing the behavior of Leonardo in relation to the familiar structure that received can be said that it was determined by its proper one half increased of hereditary bonds.

The determinismo is an ideological chain that had great influences in the realistic school, which it had this conception regarding the human behavior. On this ideology it is distinguished: The determinista theory the human behavior is determined by the hereditary succession, the way and the moment (circumstance). (MAYAN, 2002, p.240). Leonardo if did not detach only for its peraltice and me the creation inside of the familiar universe, when it was to the school also had great difficulties in such a way in the learning how much to keep a healthful relation with its colleagues of room. In function of this, &#039 took of the authoritarian professor some; ' bolos' ' in the hands and of it obtained there to leave without reading nor to write right.

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