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Grodner Joch

Saslong, among the great legends of Alpine skiing. Every year a few days before Christmas is site of one of the most significant and stir most ominous downhill race in the world. Start is at the mountain station of Ciampinoi above by Selva. Wide and perfectly groomed slopes to drive footsteps of Bernhard Russi, Hermann […]

Disease Prevention

Bad habits basis of any system of disease prevention are properly chosen diet, regular exercise and the ability to cope with stress. However, the condition is influenced by many other factors. For example, it is important not to smoke or at least restrict smoking, and alcohol consumed in moderate amounts. Need to protect yourself from […]

Home Remedies

Home remedies for cold sores are usually effective for controlling symptoms and speed healing of wounds, are easy to make, also that they can be correctly applied with simple explanations that will show you below. Cold sores usually occur due to the presence of the the herpes simplex virus that attacks when our defenses are […]

Physiciansurgical Attendance

CGFAU/LIC) the Dr. Otvio Mayan Borges, Coordinating Generality of the Fauna, in very elucidated regarding the physician-surgical attendance of wild animals in medical establishments veterinarians, criadouros and mantenedores of wild fauna. To deepen your understanding Iridology is the source. We know that currently specific regulation regarding the subject does not exist and many professionals have […]

Photoshop Image

We recommend for 600 or 720 dpi (dots per inch) printer, scan the image in 120 up to 240 dpi. Alterations: you can improve the image with image editing software alterations depend on the State of the photo. You can use Photoshop to perform touch-ups in detail (although experience is needed) or some other more […]