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Building Insurance Often Not Sufficient In Natural Disasters & Weather Extremen

Tornado, earthquake, floods occur more and more frequently. Erdbeeben in the Black Forest, Tornado at Schwerin, uprooted trees and roofs covered by a cyclone near Berlin and Cologne and all about within one month. What sounds like a doomsday scenario actually is reality. The remnants of the forces of nature not rarely go into the […]

Disability Insurance

Correct answer of the health questions is mandatory in occupational disability insurance usually extensive health issues to doctor visits and illnesses the last five to ten years must be answered. The correct answer of the application questions is of enormous importance: who tamper or recklessly fails crucial information, threatens his insurance protection over the years. […]

Private Health Insurance

When to expect a rejection of self-employed status is long no guarantee for admission to private health insurance. So certain professions is expected according to the private krankenversicherung.de insurance portal experience shows that a detailed credit check. Especially people who practise professions with a high health risk or heavy physical usage, be critically checked by […]

Statutory Health Insurance GKV Compared

Is private health insurance always beneficial? Is the private health insurance compared to what the statutory health insurance health insurance important? Health insurance is important because it assumes the costs for necessary treatments in the event of illness. The cost of the treatment of the disease could otherwise ruin existences in extreme cases. For this […]