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HIFU Treatment – Impotence & Incontinence – PSA Value

‘We cure prostate cancer without damaging healthy tissue’ is superfluous to the scalpel handle, unwanted tissue damage remain: the HIFU treatment HIFU focused ultrasound = HochIntensiv prostate cancer cells in the patient’s body can be exactly kill off. The method is based on ultrasonic waves used in medicine has long been for diagnostic purposes, in […]

Atopic Dermatitis

The proper care in the Atopic Dermatitis eczema, also known as the infant dermatitis in children, is a group of skin conditions that are characterized by a superficial inflammation of the skin. Visible and tangible recognition features are diffuse redness, swelling, oozing, formation of crusts, scales and an often highly pronounced itching. There is a […]

Eye Laser Surgery

Eye laser place ‘ you are real eye surgery on the Internet out, i.e. short or far sighted, want more but do not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses do not tolerate? And you want to eliminate this refractive error as possible pain, like quickly and easily? While there were previously only the possibility of eye […]

Diagnostics Center

Introduction in all educational field, one of the greatest challenges of our time is the ability to combine the current technological progress with the knowledge acquired and developed in different areas of knowledge. Technology and specifically computers has strongly entered in our daily work, since our work to our homes, larger everyday tasks. However, despite […]

Strong Protection

A topic on our health is just in time for the beginning of the cold season once again on everyone’s lips: the strengthening of immune system and immune. Above all, to prevent a cold, many people access food supplements and home remedies. The immune system is a body’s own defense system to protect us from […]

Pollen Alarm

Hay fever is an affliction of people against that an herb is grown the first warm sun rays lure people outside. The first green on the trees brings a smile to many faces. Before the Cafes, free chairs are scarce. When then yet increasingly red noses and reddened eyes are watching, spring must be. Thus, […]

OsteoVitum Vitamin

Remains so only additional taking of vital substance. Also no mega doses must be to provide themselves with vitamin D. Already 400 IU daily in sufficient tablets, to produce a good supply together with the even educated vitamin D. American researchers have found that even a total of 600 IU vitamin D can reduce the […]


Biofeedback is a method with which you can learn to control her body better.But not only for healthy people, biofeedback can be used to increase the performance. Biofeedback is a therapy, which they can learn consciously to affect their bodies. The purpose of biofeedback is intended to control body responses themselves and successfully applying this […]

The People

According to the latest findings of science following products with high blood pressure are useful: eggs (but not for sick people, the high blood pressure by Arteriosclerosis got), products made from soybeans, fish roe. In industrialized countries, the hypertension is common, which means that the blood pressure is measured almost always 140 over 90. According […]

Plant-based Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Linseed oil with much ALA for active health ideal current research increasingly shows that dietary fats are an important and non-replaceable part of our diet. However, that does not apply to any fat. If you would like to know more then you should visit Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). We now know that certain fats […]