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The Bones

The action of the liberating hormone of gonadotrofina can be interrupted in two ways. The antagonists of the GnRH hinder the LH production directly, while the agonistas of the GnRH after inhibit the LH through a low process of regulation for (downregulation) a effect of initial stimulation.Abarelix is an example of antagonist of the GnRH, […]

As Rabelo

Each space-door is composed for one vnula and an arteriole (branches of the vein carry and the heptica artery, respectively), one ducto biliary, lymphatic vases and nerves. This set is surrounded by a fabric layer conjunctive, continuous with the capsule of Glisson, that receives the name from limitante plate. The space-door also can receive the […]

Knowledge Consultation

In regards to the use of alcohol and drugs, the gestantes had related not to use no type of psychoactive substance during the gestation, however some socially use the alcoholic beverage and the tobacco previously to the period. The actual damages for the use of drugs in the human organism and the necessity of the […]


The work in the UTI must focus not only the ability technique to handle the hard technology and leavening used for the care, but also, the qualification of the workers to deal in way more human being as well as with the individuals that meet and its familiar ones there (technologies light-shelter), with excessively diligent […]

Main Ratio

The hipertensiva illness and its complications are responsible for the increase of the internments and are between the main causes of death in adults in the city of So Paulo. The cardiac insufficience is the main cause of hospitalization between the cardiovascular afeces, being two times more frequent of what the internments for cerebral vascular […]

The Care

The gotten Results had been: (92%) of the patients they had been evaluated by means of the protocol; (58.3%) they are of the feminine sex, (41.7%) of the masculine sex, keeping prevalence in the medical diagnosis respiratory insufficience (26.0%), Postoperative (10.41%), enceflico vascular accident (8.33%), Trauma skull-enceflico (6.25%), others (49%); of these (81.25%) they presented […]


This group must be folloied by doctor from the 35 years. Who is the health professional goes to decide which examinations the patient will have to make. First precocious menstruation, delayed menopause (after the 50 years), first pregnancy after the 30 years and not to have had children also constitute factors of risk for the […]


The bacilli not fagocitados they are multiplied slowly and they destroy the macrophages all taking the fabric pulmonary. The process will continue per weeks, with logarithmic multiplication of the bacilli. Three weeks of inhalation of the bacilli occur after metstases. When reaching the linfonodos and the sanguineous chain, will affect other agencies. In rich environments […]

Influenza Grippe

The Influenza Grippe (H1N1) In 24 of April of 2009, had first an alert one of the OMS (World-wide Organization of the Health) on the sprouting of a new illness, Gripe Influenza A (H1N1), also called Suna Grippe. In Brazil, until day 15 of July of that year, the Health department registered few cases and […]


Objective: To analyze studies on the causes of the unexpected ones in nursing in surgical center. Methodology This work concerns a bibliographical research. This type of research will bring subsidies for the knowledge on what it was searched, as and under that approach and/or perspectives were treated the subject presented in scientific literature. In this […]