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Does God Answer Your Prayer?

God answers your prayer? By Serafin Alarcon “I will act according to your words: I’ve given you a wise and understanding heart, that she has not been before you, another you, neither after thee shall arise another like you.” 1Kings 03.12 Imagine if God I told you: “Ask what I give you … The list […]

So Paulo

These information and codes also are transmitted by means of the necklaces used for the umbandistas. The wire colors, number, number of firms, for example, they can say very on its carrier. This adornment is concentrative of the energies of orixs of the person, is not simple ‘ ‘ enfeite’ ‘ , but it is […]

The Objective

This substance also known as light astral. It is a mixing agent, a natural agent and the holy ghost, corporal and spiritual, a plsticouniversal mediator, a common stowage of the vibrations of the movement and the images daforma, a fluid and a force that if can call imagination danatureza. Aluz astral magnetizes, heats, attracts, repels, […]

Owner Maria

You Know the Owner Maria? Owner Maria is very religious woman it believes God piously. All the moments of its life, being glad or sad they, it always believed God. This woman is not an end of week without going to the Church and participating of the mass. It prays tero every day. Who knows […]