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Groove OsteoVitum

Breast cancer, leukemia, among other things, multiple sclerosis, allergies, respiratory infections, Parkinson’s disease, brain failure and dementia, not to mention bone loss (osteoporosis). Generally, a lower life expectancy is observed in people with too little vitamin D in the blood. This long list of diseases and shorter life expectancy should be motivation enough, to ensure […]

Barrier-free Bathroom Remodeling – With What Aid You Can Expect

A handicapped-accessible bathroom in any age can do it important you? All of a sudden you can no longer get off unassisted out of the bathtub. The high entry to the shower tray becomes the stumbling block. The tiles are too slippery. And actually, it would be quite good, if large grab handles could give […]

Sports As A New

\”New Rehabiliations Sport Group for cancer patients at the Hospital St. Irmingard in Prien Wednesdays sports as a cancer drug\” is a new perspective in medicine, supported by research and studies of recent times. Dr. John Mcdougall will not settle for partial explanations. As one of the most important measures in the prevention of a […]

Fundamental Reform

90prozent the health system in Germany is based on changing unmet, future generations need to be redeemed. Dusseldorf, 6 Feb. 2012. Demographics and facts force the urgent need for action in the health system. The citizens insurance is only temporary solution for the continuation of an approach wrong in principle. The statutory health insurances are […]

European Cancer Conference

News from the European Cancer Conference (ECC) 2013 in Amsterdam on Stuttgart, 15 October 2013 also this year offered the ECC by the 27.09 01.10.2013 back a wealth of lectures, case studies and discussions on research and therapies in Oncology. With this wide range of topics, it was important to not lose track. Therefore interested […]

Really Healthy Nutrition

Who wants to have a healthy lifestyle should be concerned about the raw food now-days you read much about a healthy diet. Dietitian there as sand on the sea. But one surprise me, this diet Popes are not talking about a raw food diet. They say all the same 5 servings of raw fruits and […]

Certified Hypnosis

Trance takes the fear during dental treatment In a State of trance the most sense perception is different, as in the waking state. The unconscious thinking becomes easier and impressions from the outside, such as the hum of the drill, and sensations, such as pain during treatment can be reduced, reinterpreted or even hidden. Depending […]

Europe Supplements

Numerous scientific studies of selenium suggest… Numerous scientific studies indicate that the trace element can support work selenium not only in the context of chemotherapy but can help lower the risk of cancer. Other leaders such as endocrinologist offer similar insights. Because selenium can be included only in small amounts through the diet leading cancer […]

Aware Of The Best Treatment Options For Cancer In India?

Surgical Oncology and cancer treatment hospital in India are you searching for the world class cancer treatment in India with all types of super speciality healthcare facilities and that too matching with the international standards, why not you contact Meditrina hospital at Nagpur?People across the world are crazy for getting world class cancer treatment in […]

Federal Joint Committee

The drug report 2013 of the Barmer GEK says, that one-third of daily has an author team around Prof. Dr. Gerd Glaeske (Bremen supply researchers) about 65 more than five active pharmaceutical ingredients the barmen GEK. analyzed the data of approximately 2.1 million over 65 insured This should be explored how often it came to […]