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Purified Drinking Water

Water delivery to the office and at home – a great way to take care of their health, health of our families and staff. How to choose drinking water? Largely a matter of taste, but the main criteria of good drinking water should know. There are two kinds of purified drinking water – water from […]

Navitum Pharma

Specifically, ALA leads to a reduction of inflammatory parameters such as TNF-alpha and cRP. This has a positive effect on inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also show a number of studies, that linseed oil effective coronary heart disease, and so connected can prevent heart attack and stroke. Also the anti-inflammatory […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Much has been said in recent times of Omega 3 essential fatty acids; Despite the years we have been dedicated to the study of nutrition and natural medicine, it is really difficult to find as therapeutically effective substances. It is not a drug, of course, just an essential in our diet nutrient; Omega 3s wouldn’t […]


Heat surface Stovy pads Decontracting East type of thermotherapy constitutes, for its ease of application, one of the resources that the patient can use easily in their own home, but you must faithfully follow the instructions of your physical therapist to avoid accidental burns. Also good (decreased sensation or skin lesions) skin condition should be […]

Natural Herbal Seeds

Stovy pillows were specially designed for aching muscles and joints, caused by tiredness and fatigue, daily tensions commonly known as stress product. Stovy pillows are filled with a unique blend of 100% natural herbal seeds with relaxing properties which act both on the body and mind, inviting to relaxation and rest. They are natural and […]

MicroCirtec Offers Online Support With

MicroCirtec for its customers ‘GoToAssist’ remote support set up for a successful start in this year did the German PCB manufacturer MicroCirtec from Krefeld a useful contribution, because the option boards order online on microcirtec”is now possible with a significantly improved online service. To really take advantage of all the comforts and many work relief […]