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Among the lifters duration of rest between sets for 7-8 minutes is not uncommon, and one of the authors of the famous publication 'Flex', testified that athletes have really huge hands are quite capable of making a break of 8-10 minutes between sets for the biceps with a barbell over 100 pounds! Principle Five: The […]

English Premier League Quot

Here came the turn to the second "nail" 35go tour. In this match at the Stadium Emirates Arsenalprinimal host the championship leader Manchester United. The result of this confrontation was that the victory of the Gunners Race was exacerbated, and us zhdetnepovtorimaya ending this tournament. Most of the fans after yesterday's match with Chelsea Tottenham […]

Fitness Videos

The most common diameter of the wheel for fitness videos ranges from 76 to 82 mm. It should be borne in mind that the bigger the figure, the more it becomes, and the maximum speed you can develop on the rollers, with small bumps in the road will be felt less. Rigidity, as has been […]


Rest between sets Muscular tension and time under load, are critical to muscular ipertrofii. Training programs manipulate heavy weights, number of repetitions, sets and rest intervals between them. Very few studies have drawn their attention to optimizing the structure of programs. Scientists from New Zealand reported that the athletes were able to perform more reps […]

Body Builders

In glossy magazines you can read a lot about the training of professional bodybuilders, their diet and rest, but that's about what role in building huge muscles are steroids, which says little. The reason, of course, known – the use of steroids is prohibited. Many of the drugs can get only on the 'black' market, […]