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Monocytes In The Blood

It is in the tissues there is a further differentiation of monocytes into tissue macrophages, which perform the basic functions of monocytes-macrophages. The main function of monocyte-macrophages is the absorption of foreign particles by phagocytosis, presentation of foreign antigens on their surface to T lymphocytes (helper), the synthesis and secretion of cytokines. Monocytes-macrophages provide a […]

Multifunctional Medical Beds

Multifunctional medical bed designed for the care, supervision and treatment for immobile patients at home and medical facilities. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. Multifunctional medical beds have adjustable sections, with different angle: head, hip and foot. Depending on the quantity of controlled sections, the bed can be 2, 3-x and […]

Understanding Infertility

In medicine, infertility is called the failure of reproductive age living organisms reproduce sexually. If a woman can not become pregnant within one year of regular intercourse without using any relative. Absolute sterility and a predetermined (acquired as a result of abnormal development of reproductive organs, various injuries, etc.) are incurable. Tree of Life Tai […]

Coronary Disease

Coronary artery bypass surgery what is the essence of such an operation? Coronary artery bypass surgery – is to create a new path for the inflow of arterial blood from the aorta to the coronary artery. Used for this vein taken from the hip patients (autovein), which one end is sewn to the aorta, and […]


but also risk of contracting and perfectly healthy women who pay attention to your nails and frequent nail salons. – Can now it turns out that is harmful to manicure nails? – No, he manicure is absolutely safe, if it is executed correctly. But many of their customers I have seen a roller okolonogtevogo inflammation […]

Thrombophlebitis Veins

Mediastinum (suspended) is divided into front and rear, as well as the upper, middle and bottom, the anterior mediastinum contains the thymus, heart, trachea, and ascending portion of the aortic arch, superior vena cava, pulmonary arteries and nerves, veins, and diaphragmatic nerves. Rear – esophagus, thoracic lymphatic duct, lower part of the vagus nerve, and […]

Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia

Probably the most popular and obscure the diagnosis, which can be found in the charts of patients podroskovogo period, it Vegeto-vascular dystonia. If a patient is concerned about such complaints as dizziness, palpitations, changes in blood pressure, pallor and cold hands, lack of weight – probably the above-mentioned diagnosis will be provided. Of course, if […]

Nervous System

During this period, the phenomenon can be observed catarrhal upper respiratory tract, sore throat, gastrointestinal distress and abdominal pain, vomiting, and sometimes darkening of consciousness, severe headache, delirium. Early an infringement of autonomic functions: sweating, changes in vascular responses. In half the cases there is pain, often tapped on the move. There is pain along […]

More Colors – More Immunity

Specialists, nutritionists recommend that the United States to strengthen the body's defenses to choose colorful fruits and vegetables – as they are useful for maintaining health. Dr. Amy Hendel (Amy Hendel) as a confirmation says these words about the results of the study are given in the journal Phytonutrient Report: a body of useful content […]