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Aerobic Exercises

They are aerobic the ideal type of exercises to lose weight, according to certain specialists in lost of weight the aerobic exercise has the faculty to burn fats, after which the carbohydrate reserves have been exhausted in the organism Some people talk about to the cardiovascular exercise like aerobic exercise, some people even call cardio, […]

The Unbalanced

These characteristics had conditioned people who in turn beyond the conditional characters for familiar problems 9, them will have some psychological upheavals such as depression that are people who are abated morally, with deep sadnesses and desnimos (LUFT, 1920-1995, P.263). To this psychological upheaval, it also generates anxiety and difficulties of social adjustments that if […]


In this period of training it can be observed the negative influences in the individual development. The individual starts to produce little, with a bigger margin of error, or even though to leave to produce. According to Greenber (2002), the negative effect of stress can appear not only when tragic situations occur (the death of […]