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Money Online

The Internet today has demonstrated to its important paper in all the subjects of the life. It created a social net, a virtual life of many people. Through it, many people already know as to explore the advantages online to gain money in the Internet. Lee marks has plenty of information regarding this issue. I […]

Security Advice

Of its position as member of the Advice of Security, Morocco continue its negotiations with other State-Member, especially in the direction of the permanent members that they search to push in this direction to get a support of the Arab initiative to decide of the crisis in the Syrian. It enters the corridors of the […]


The nurse in the unit of recovery generally gets a verbal story of the team of the surgery room and reads the written documentation of the operation and the operatria lapsings after of the doctor to plan the care effectively, the following information are necessary: type and extension of the surgical procedure carried through, used […]

Judiciary Power Sentence

It is what it is demanded so that the calmness reigns between the litigant parts. Therefore it is that the adjudica law to the sentence the quality of law between the parties to lawsuit, is what authority is called the considered thing. In the reality, however, when instituting the judged thing, the legislator does not […]


Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise The confinement in the home for a period very drawn out without the contact with the exterior is harmful for any person. Worse still it is for the aged one. Many are the cases of aged people who had started to after present difficulty in the […]