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Offenburger Metallers Show Strong Performances In The Final

Federal decision the CJD youth village for Offenburg in the CJD professional competition “Elementary metal technology” these days was venue for the Federal vote in the “Elementary metal technology” CJD – professional competition. Twelve trainees from throughout Germany had qualified according to regional decisions among 135 participants for this finale. Matthias Krause (CJD Niederrhein) clinched […]

Enjoy Training Meets Wine Tasting – Like Pleasure In Everyday Life

“Pulse workshop at the 30.11.2013 to turn off and power soak up experience the enjoyment of the Spanish moment” – under this title can all Termingeplagten to take a short break and enjoy what experience means all your senses. As a trainer and coach Anke Lambrecht conveys in this workshop at the 30.11.2013 from 15:30 […]

Yoga Market

Future & Bachelor of health tourism called health tourism is a service provided, strengthened by our ageing, health and wellness company is in demand. The health tourism sector is an innovative and rapidly growing industry, which is one of the crucial economic engines of the tourism industry according to market and trend researchers. The sector […]