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Strauss Online Shop Receives Award

Strauss Onlineshop Aschaffenburg/Bonn awarded the German online trade award, 01.02.2013: within the framework of the annual Congress “Online trade 2013” the online shop of our customers Strauss innovation GmbH & co. KG was award online trading with the Germans. In the living segment, the shop in the areas of shipping and delivery, user friendliness, assortment, […]

The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk

Identical content, that are subject to in the traditional media of age-restricted by time limits, to escape the national legislation simply by the provider in the neighbouring European countries to move. Therefore, it is pragmatically the current state of technology and the relations of production to adapt youth protection. What is fracking does not necessarily […]

Types Of Energy

ENERGIA MECANICA in mechanics, is called the mechanical energy to the kinetic and potential energies sum (of various types). In the potential energy can also be considered elastic potential energy, although this is usually applied in the study of engineering and not Physics problems. It expresses the capacity possessing the bodies with mass of a […]

Body Language

On many occasions our gestures and postures may harm a well-prepared speech: arms like blades of mill, rolling, blankness, passive attitude, hands hidden under the table, etc.; and therefore it is necessary sometimes to dominate our spontaneity. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. Hands. They should be used to support our communication, […]

Plastic Surgery

It can be that by ahorrarte a money in aesthetic procedures, as patient to a plastic surgery you are going to stop to one of those clinics that do not have endorsement, adapted certification, person or facilities to realise this type of interventions. The quality of the aesthetic procedures is ligature to the moderation of […]

Mama 161202 Te Echo A Lot Of Minus Te Amo

Perhaps just breathe, just breathe very slow…recover each beat in my pointless now that not estas.porque I not I can get even used to be without you, December has arrived and yet you’re still being here, I love always.Memories of those days in which we smiled you remain still me aching to the life… And […]

The Country

When you please obstetrician after woman in childbirth brought deign to come to her after 40 minutes and said that its fat he can not find the queen swung away. and after taking delivery the midwife herself (thank God with a normal healthy child), then this mountain specialist audacity to come for his part thanks […]


The work in the UTI must focus not only the ability technique to handle the hard technology and leavening used for the care, but also, the qualification of the workers to deal in way more human being as well as with the individuals that meet and its familiar ones there (technologies light-shelter), with excessively diligent […]

Cerebral Vascular Accident

The relations and alterations with aging are identical the cited ones previously, for which in general way the advance of the age does not mean the comprometimento of the motor system, but when allies the injuries and illnesses, can compromise. (Similarly see: Fracking Facts). When evaluating this context we can identify that the main origin […]