Dedicated Pharmacy

The main objective of the Program Dedicated Pharmacy is to guarantee the access most effective to medicines, minor medication cost, flexibility in the payment and to guarantee the uninterrupted use of prescribed medicines. Some disponibilizados medicines: Hidroclorotiazida Propranolol Atenolol? Captopril Enalapril Enalapril? Nifedipino? Anlodipino Acid acetilsaliclico Metformina? Glibenclamida Sinvastatina? Antibioticoterpia? Excessively constant in the Brasindice list (commercial) Performance of the Program Pharmacy Dedicated the doctor’s offices and clinics are in conditions to carry through the cadastre of its patients in the Program (Internet), making possible the delivery for that they are controlled, steady and in medical accompaniment. Characteristic the main characteristic of the Program is use of system total information that guarantees the total treatment to the accessible user with prices through an only distribution fact that it will make with that gets minors costs in acquired medicines.Open Education Reality Currently knows that 30% of the patients ignore its medical prescriptions buying part or none of prescribed medicines.

With the program it can guarantee that 100% of the registered in castrate patients they will have its medicines you deliver and in its totality, making with that its treatment total is concluded. Doctors the credential ones (doctors) are guided to request that the prescriptions are transcribing saw Internet for the secretariat or the proper patient search a point of attendance of the operator and request the delivery of the medication. Medical prescription In all the situations the medical prescriptions are restrained and for the medicine deliverer (proper Pharmacy). Spreading Through media or direct mail the operator informs benefits it to the user offered and this opts to the domiciliary delivery. Payment the medicines will be paid for the users through its extract monthly of service of health or deducted in leaf for the company optioned for the plan. Using customer/Has option to request that its prescription is sent directly by the clinical doctor’s office/, or goes up to one of the units indispensability for the operator and requests that this directs the request of medicines..

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