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Lifting the Spirits

It was just a good mood and suddenly out of nowhere flew sadness, and all colors in tones of gray? Well, it happens. Our life is full of a variety of emotions and can not 'sound' on one note. You can be sad and a little bit. Main – do not 'get stuck' in negative […]

Diagnosis Appendicitis

Diagnosis begins with a thorough survey and inspection. Patients often a fever and is usually painful (from tolerable to very strong) right in the lower abdomen when the doctor pushes there. If the inflammation has reached peritoneum, often a "rebound" tenderness. This means that when the doctor presses on your stomach and then quickly removed […]

Monocytes In The Blood

It is in the tissues there is a further differentiation of monocytes into tissue macrophages, which perform the basic functions of monocytes-macrophages. The main function of monocyte-macrophages is the absorption of foreign particles by phagocytosis, presentation of foreign antigens on their surface to T lymphocytes (helper), the synthesis and secretion of cytokines. Monocytes-macrophages provide a […]

Multifunctional Medical Beds

Multifunctional medical bed designed for the care, supervision and treatment for immobile patients at home and medical facilities. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. Multifunctional medical beds have adjustable sections, with different angle: head, hip and foot. Depending on the quantity of controlled sections, the bed can be 2, 3-x and […]


Between the organic causes the abuse can be found of drugs and drugs or diseases that affect the ejaculation mechanism; between the psychological ones it is possible to be named marital feelings of culpability, fear to the pregnancy, problems, discovery of infidelity, among others. It is equally frustrating and desgastador for even man and if […]


He may have a different power. While working on the human body is able to heat it, tone, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins. They treat the inflammation resolves scars heal wounds. Finally, they treat cellulite. Ultrasound has nothing to do with damaging (ionizing) radiation. As used in the treatment options completely harmless, devoid […]

Skin Care

Ultraviolet radiation promotes the development of Type A free oxygen radicals that activate the peroxide Lipid and even lead to breaks in DNA chains. And just as free radicals destroy collagen fibers and cell membranes. Ultraviolet radiation can produce a type B free forms oxygen and without intermediaries destroy DNA. The role of hyaluronic acid […]

Treatment Of Depression

Home Depression interested in the topic of mental health, I pushed the overheard dialogue between the two schoolgirls in years 7-8. It was a Friday, I picked up her granddaughter from school and heard the following: talking to two friends – "You go to a birthday today? – No, responds the other, I was depressed. […]

Dream Of Weight Loss

Needless to say that many people, especially women, are dreaming look like a girl with a glossy magazine? Excellent slender body, perfect figure – this dream many women. To learn how to lose weight says a lot books, as well as many sites there is a theme that is, of course, attracts visitors. A lot […]

Dietary Supplements

BAA – it's a great opportunity to give people all the necessary vitamins, minerals and substances, which he acquires the required number of which have great importance for the normal functioning of the organism. It's no secret that difitsit vitamins and trace elements in the human body is largely contributing to reduced immunity and health, […]