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The Meal

* Moderate consumption of eggs, shellfish and beef and other ruminants. Increasing fish consumption: present in fish fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids capable of regulating the levels of LDL cholesterol. Get also provide more flexibility and elasticity to blood capillaries and has an anti-inflammatory effect and anti thrombotic, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Poultry […]

Main Ratio

The hipertensiva illness and its complications are responsible for the increase of the internments and are between the main causes of death in adults in the city of So Paulo. The cardiac insufficience is the main cause of hospitalization between the cardiovascular afeces, being two times more frequent of what the internments for cerebral vascular […]


Between the organic causes the abuse can be found of drugs and drugs or diseases that affect the ejaculation mechanism; between the psychological ones it is possible to be named marital feelings of culpability, fear to the pregnancy, problems, discovery of infidelity, among others. It is equally frustrating and desgastador for even man and if […]

Aerobic Exercises

They are aerobic the ideal type of exercises to lose weight, according to certain specialists in lost of weight the aerobic exercise has the faculty to burn fats, after which the carbohydrate reserves have been exhausted in the organism Some people talk about to the cardiovascular exercise like aerobic exercise, some people even call cardio, […]


He may have a different power. While working on the human body is able to heat it, tone, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins. They treat the inflammation resolves scars heal wounds. Finally, they treat cellulite. Ultrasound has nothing to do with damaging (ionizing) radiation. As used in the treatment options completely harmless, devoid […]

First Triumph

Espanyol exdelantero scored the victory goal against Parma (0-1). It is the first league victory for Luis Enrique as the Roma coach. The Spanish coach was much discussed, the triumph will give you peace of mind. Statistics of the party Classification of calcium. Click Senator Elizabeth Warren for additional related pages. Argentine striker Pablo Daniel […]

It Takes Care Of Of You

It takes care of Yesterday of you received the visit from two sisters. We talked livened up calmly when we were surprised by an enormous racket and the shout of desperation of my wife.I ran to the room, it came to my meeting crying with our son – of 1 year and nine months at […]

Finnish Sauna

Sauna … how 'fashionable' word has become in everyday Rossii.Segodnya, on weekends, people spend not in the bath, as it was before, and sauna, which naturally sounds more prestigious. Now, every year, on December 31 with a Peter Vasechkin friends have not will rest in the bath, and sauna. Yes, it sounds absolutely not … […]

Anemia Falciforme

The falciforme anemia is a sanguineous illness that is basically hereditary. The same one to the children can be transmitted when both the parents possess at least a copy of a gene of falciforme hemoglobina, since such sanguineous anomaly is the one that cause the problem. It has some main and secondary symptoms of the […]

The Care

The gotten Results had been: (92%) of the patients they had been evaluated by means of the protocol; (58.3%) they are of the feminine sex, (41.7%) of the masculine sex, keeping prevalence in the medical diagnosis respiratory insufficience (26.0%), Postoperative (10.41%), enceflico vascular accident (8.33%), Trauma skull-enceflico (6.25%), others (49%); of these (81.25%) they presented […]