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Scuba diving – breath – and the stress goes swimming… Rose garden into a blooming rose garden bathroom with its fine fragrance. Precious rose essences and oils in Germany the wild rose is grown for over 1000 years. The wild rose oil is particularly rich in vitamins A, C and E, helps the skin cell […]

European Cancer Conference

News from the European Cancer Conference (ECC) 2013 in Amsterdam on Stuttgart, 15 October 2013 also this year offered the ECC by the 27.09 01.10.2013 back a wealth of lectures, case studies and discussions on research and therapies in Oncology. With this wide range of topics, it was important to not lose track. Therefore interested […]

Test Tube Baby

The church and the “boys” specimens. Since the decade of the 30s, in the present century, and more intensely in the 40s, the world joyfully celebrated scientist do cundacion faith in vitro of animals, for ever crowned dreams and years of technical efforts. Since then, thousands of animals are born of faith cundacion in the […]


Asocial scientific highways Teodulo Lopez Melendez is obvious the influence of science and technology for the configuration of modern societies. Between both – that coexist in mutual benefit – have changed, not always for the better, the relationship with nature and the interaction between living beings, have influenced the philosophical positions and have been delineated […]


The future of Hamilton is in the air this year Lewis Hamilton finishes his contract with McLaren and you have not yet signed its continuity in the British team. Firewood to stoke the fire of rumors, that already run by the paddock and who put the English pilot outside the orbit of Woking.Da the chance […]

Park Hotel Gastronomy

Her career started with the training as a hotel clerk in Hamburg and Kiel. After the three-year visit to the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy and She has most recently an extra-occupational studies of in economics at the Hochschule Niederrhein as Hotel Manager (resident Manager) worked in a prestigious 4-star hotel in bad Malente. As a self-confessed […]

Breast Cancer

In order To cure the Cancer of Breast you must Know as they are the stages Thus to be able curarte quickly. As They are the Stages of the Cancer of Breast? When one is breast cancer, it is necessary to observe the different stages so that it can be better prepared when each arrives […]

Free Tarot – Free Tarot And Job Offers In The Area

The circulation of free tarot is a great tool to have keys to better disposed to introduce a recruitment interview, as appropriate. But the destination has to manifest in complex ways. This means that sometimes winning is losing, and do not get that we crave, is one way to win. The possibility of a free […]