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Falk Kohler

An expensive pleasure. Particularly insidious: shock absorbers and springs wear out gradually, that it the driver hardly notices. Shock absorbers and springs annually review their periodic inspection in the workshop is therefore very important. From 60 000 kilometres should be take shock absorbers and springs every year again and again under the microscope, KYB suspension […]

The Opera

Normal servicing is advised to impair is essential decline. Rotting may be a universal phenomenon which happens to be certain. We cannot leave behind as well as for the entire turnaround steps involved in ageing although properly forestall the success quickly. Therefore, painstaking treatment got the tow tractor within good condition for just about any […]


The future of Hamilton is in the air this year Lewis Hamilton finishes his contract with McLaren and you have not yet signed its continuity in the British team. Firewood to stoke the fire of rumors, that already run by the paddock and who put the English pilot outside the orbit of Woking.Da the chance […]

Tips And Simple Means For Maintaining Your Tires

Such as the tyres, and keeps, Aur… No fear of punctures: Who moves with his eyes wide open and the appropriate degree of prudence in the road, will allow his tires a long and fulfilling life. Educate yourself with thoughts from endocrinologist. Here you will find tips and simple remedies, such as this possible. They […]