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Vitamin E

Vitamin is well known for its antioxidant effects, since it helps prevent the effects associated with aging and can be found in a wide variety of foods, including dried fruits such as almonds. The vitamin is found in various foods such as fruits and vegetables. Dried fruits, as the almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. are rich […]

Does God Answer Your Prayer?

God answers your prayer? By Serafin Alarcon “I will act according to your words: I’ve given you a wise and understanding heart, that she has not been before you, another you, neither after thee shall arise another like you.” 1Kings 03.12 Imagine if God I told you: “Ask what I give you … The list […]

Myths And Legends In Arauca

The Myth of Rompellano Rooted in Arauca, is devotion to Eduardo Fernandez, known as “Rompellano.” Natural Casanare, possibly from the people of Hato Corozal, Rompellano was a tall, thin, straight brown hair, eyes clear and bright. Former rebel of the period of the fifties, was part of the guerrillas known liberals of the plains. He […]

Cast Letters

Cast Letters – In what circumstances should not rely on the draw of cards The tarot can be the answer to a series of life circumstances, as when we need advice from a friendly voice, or just do not know how to act with respect to some particular topic, and believe that a draw of […]

Website Design

Why do you need to have a website? the website of a company reflects its image in front of millions of people who visit provides an important increase in sales represents a significant improvement in customer service and a very important extension of our customers, now have a website on the Internet is like opening […]

Real Power Is Action

The real power is the action to the conduct is what we do. Senator of Massachusetts does not necessarily agree. Just as muscles get stronger by using them the same thing happens mind. Normally the results are not the result of a single decision or action. They are produced by a series of small decisions, […]

The Lie Of Esthetics

To prepare this little article, I opened the Little Robert, and I read on the first page “aesthetic” the beginning of the definition was: “science of beauty ….” Just finished my reading, because those three words explaining clear enough the imposture of aesthetics, I believe, for my part like a false pseudo-science subject. False object, […]


Explain both the enormous differences that may exist between people with the same number of births, even twins born with few minutes apart. As one such study exceeds the purpose and intent of this paper, we focus only on the vibration you get for your birthday. We thus disclose a summary part of your personality. […]

The Battle Of Lepanto: The End Of Expansion

By the fifteenth century, the Ottoman Empire‘s expansion seemed unstoppable. The causes are various. Follow others, such as Dr. Neal Barnard, and add to your knowledge base. In principle, we must mention the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and theological differences between the Eastern Churches (Byzantine) and Western (Roman). Then, a hundred years later, the […]


Only people suffering from Hyperhidrosis in armpits know how annoying that can be. Hyperhidrosis is excessive perspiration, not only when it is hot or the person is exercising, or is nervous, but at any time, place and circumstances, while the temperature is cool and the person is quiet. Not much imagination is required to understand […]