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Compressed Air Leaks

With the ultimate air service of SONOTEC you save energy and money saving energy is an important issue in all areas where compressed air is working currently. Alone the regular elimination of leaks can reduce up to 30% energy costs for the compressor. With SONOTECTIVE SONOTEC offers the ultimate in terms of air leaks. Bristol-Myers […]

Ways To Lose Weight In An Effective Manner

Losing weight is something that more and more people aspire each day that passes. On the other hand, it also seems that a higher percentage of these people are also trapped by spinning its wheels and not getting nowhere. If you are like one of those people, then read the following paragraphs that I learn […]

Treating Chronic Pain

The integrated model of assistance to multidiscipline must mold it the complex and multidimensional nature of pain and imply the individual formularization of disgnostic and therapeutical plans that frequently demand the adoption of some modalities of concomitant or sequential interventions, multipoint and multimodal. ‘ ‘ The programs most efficient of control of pain are programs […]

Conceiving Naturally

This it is the case of Ana Johnson, a woman like you Lady or like any woman of the world that wishes to be mother and cannot conceive a son, yearning so appraised for any woman Ana married very young and as all woman wanted to train a family, with children, nevertheless it did not […]

Final Judgment

But while the study developed with research it is of the scientist, for the engineer they are knowledge of that it will be used to develop pragmatic activities (professional). Alf Ross of some examples of interconnection of copnhecimentos in the orbit of the legal one: ' ' By means of legislative sanction if it approves […]

Natural Stone

Natural stone – one of the first building and finishing materials in the history of humanity and architecture in general, therefore, in the interior of an apartment house there since the ancient, ancient times. Stone has always been a symbol of durability, reliability and durability, natural stone – one of those materials that can be […]


In this period of training it can be observed the negative influences in the individual development. The individual starts to produce little, with a bigger margin of error, or even though to leave to produce. According to Greenber (2002), the negative effect of stress can appear not only when tragic situations occur (the death of […]

French Tension Ceilings

Stretch ceiling – is a special pvc film treated at the edges of the harpoon – a flexible, elastic plate used for mounting. If a closer look at the classification, suspended ceilings are 2 kinds: seam (welded), and and seamless. They differ in appearance: for example, if the weld is created from several canvases, the […]