Spaces More Important

Did you know that your blog has certain areas that capture more attention of your visitors than others and that the way in which you use those areas has a significant impact on the success of your Blog and your content? There are two types of important areas: 1) areas that draw attention visually 2) the areas of greater click if you focus you in developing these areas and important spaces, you will have much more success in generating sales, subscribers, interaction, etc. Por_lo_tanto, the 3 most important areas in your Blog are: 1) the upper left corner A over the years visitors to the website have grown accustomed to finding the important parts of a site in that area in particular. Things like page about the logo and description. If you pay attention you will notice that your eyes are very naturally directed to that section. (2) The right side, aligned with your first title this area is important because it is directly aligned with the title, which as mentioned before is the most important area.

(3) The end of your articles these spaces are the third most important area in your blog. And the reason is obvious: people are looking for something else to look at. If a reader has read to the end of your article, then there are many possibilities that wants to interact in a more direct manner. Everything listed in this article warning depends on many factors. For example: If you put an Adsense advertising in the upper left corner, you will notice that the people are unaware of that area. Or if you use a theme that people has seen in many other pages in your Blog, they will begin to navigate differently. The important areas of your blog are vital if you want to have more subscribers, get more clicks or move your readers more time on your blog. Optimize and test different options to see how they work better for you. Original author and source of the article

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