Vegetal Products

Such activities few transformaescausaram in the geographic space, therefore, the animal extrativismo ( hunting and vegetal extrativismo fishes it) eo (the collection of fruits in the bushes) was practised empequena scale, only for the survival of the species human being. Thus being, in this work, oextrativismo it passes to be understood as the activity to extract of the nature osrecursos that same disponibiliza to the man, being that in the animal extrativismo, as already cited previously, is extracted of the nature, the hunting and the fish, and, novegetal, is extracted vegetal products that had not been cultivated pelohomem. Still speaking of extrativismo, another model exists according to Moreira (2001), the mineral extrativismo, that consists of the useful mineral extration queexistem in the terrestrial crust. In this manner, if we perceive that extrativas asatividades few transformations had caused in the space, the same nopode to be said when of the sprouting of agriculture and the cattle one, in the RevoluoNeoltica call, that in the words of the cited author above, corresponds perodoem to it that the man started to cultivate the land and to domesticate the animals, to mesmotempo where it started to use instruments of polishing rock. Being that, acriao of animals (cattle) and the culture of useful plants to the men (agriculture), had been to the first economic activities daily pay-industrials to amodificar with more intensity the space, therefore, the related period coincidetambm with the time where the man leaves of being nomadic and passes the sedentary one, sefixando the land.

Such period also corresponds to the time where the man passes to autilizar new instruments, as of polishing rock. Of this form, the increase of produode foods and the production of excesses, possible had only had aoaperfeioamento of the techniques and the instruments. In short, the feeding agorano depended more exclusively on the predatory activities, but estavagarantida for the agriculture and the creation of animals, giving then, security to sustentoe reproduction of the life.

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