At the same time do not forget about her family. Select with them for a weekend out of town, on the nature .. Just be careful: some Taurus in April, will be weakened immunity, and this can cause various chronic diseases. GEMINI April will be for you have a month to strengthen old relationships. Simultaneously, you are advised this month to forge new personal relationships.

You will also be a huge success, serving as a speaker, and any activities that require to speak publicly. With regard to health should avoid the load on the heart, blood vessels and joints. For the Twins in April will be a very dynamic period full of new contacts and events. Many of them were interesting ideas, and they will find new ways and methods to solve old problems. April is right for you and for intellectual work, a nice trip to the closest distance from home, drafting for the future. Since the mid to late April The twins unexpectedly and suddenly want peace and stability. They will need a break. Nothing new is done, without informing relatives.

During this period, with the advent of spring, you feel as an uncontrollable desire to get rid of unnecessary things that have accumulated over the years. It is best to begin this process by the end of the month. However, do not try to ask your family members help you, or a quarrel grow into a scandal. Cancer for you this month will give no light. Expected a difficult period of doubt, the torment and agonizing.

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