Rotation Note

In today’s world, physical exercise has taken a vital, has become a routine of daily life and science has entered this world in order to improve the health of long-term practitioners, for that reason phrase …. This exercise is contra-indicated, has also been hearing very often in the world of the muscles. * What is a contra-indicated exercise? any exercise is that although we do give us a temporary benefit in the long term undermines our health (rotation of the knee, ankle … etc..) * As is based to meet assumptions ? The human body is divided into three parts, 1-head 2-Family 3-Tips And each part is subject to an axle, a front-axle (divides the body into anterior and posterior) two-axis vertical (side divides the body into left and right side) 3-axis sagittal (divides the body into the back and bottom) axis of the movements is the vertical axis and axis based on the movements we know that enables the human body naturally, the other movements that can be done can cause complications in the future. * Movements of the body parts Head (neck) flexing and extension * vertical, horizontal and diagonal * Torque lateral (right and left) Note; The neck should not be rotating arms abduction (separation) (approximation) inward rotation, outward rotation, Rotation Note, The elbow is not broken * trunk flexion and extension (tonnage) vertical and horizontal. * Torque * lateral rotation. Tips * flexing and extension letter, the legs are full of joints (knee, ankle) and the joints do not rotate.

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