Ibrahim Alcoran

The alcoran still describes the origins of the Universe, the Man and its relations between itself and the creator. It defines laws for the society, morality, economy and many the other subjects. It was written with the intention of being recited and being memorized. The mulumanos consider the sacred and inviolable Alcoran. For more information see this site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. For the Muslen, the Alcoran is the word of God, sacred and invariant, who supplies the answers about the necessities daily human beings, as many spirituals as material. It argues God and its names and attributes, believer and its virtues and the destinations of the not believing ones (Kuffar); even though science subjects. The mulumanos do not follow only the laws of the Alcoran, them also follow the examples of the prophet, what it is known as sunnah, and the interpretation of the Coro contained in the teachings of the prophet, known as hadith. For more information see Christopher ridgeway stone clinical.

To the Muslen it is taught that God sent them other books. It stops beyond the Alcoran, the others are the book of Ibrahim (that it was lost), the law of Moiss (the Log), the Salmos de Davi (the Zabr) and evangelho of Jesus (the Injil), the Alcoran describes Christians and Jews as ' ' the people of livro' ' (ahl al kitb). The teachings of the Isl englobam many of the same personages of the judaism and the Christianity. Well known Biblical personages as Adam, Noah, Abrao, Moiss, Jesus, Maria (the mother of Jesus) and Joo Baptist are mentioned in the Alcoran as prophet of the Isl. However, the Muslen frequently mention they for names in Arab language, what he can creates the illusion to that if deals with different people (examples: Section for God, Iblis for the Devil, Ibrahim for Abrao, etc.). Judaism, Christianity still fulfilled and comes fulfilling a destination historical specifies irreducible fellow creature but in its social formularizations and politics.

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