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Bunker JJ – Military History Yesterday And Today

An element in the strategic tropospheric message system (suggested & written in response to articles in the Internet, print media, radio and TV shows) well true, a first almost hopeless task provided by the operators of the former tropospheric Radio Centre, 302. Addressing the bad Sulze was in the times of the German Democratic Republic […]

The Rooms

Is there a balcony? What is the Outlook? Are personal belongings (furniture, pictures, carpets, etc.) allowed? Are pets allowed? What safety standard has the rooms (smoke detectors, Bell, door spy, security locks)? There is cable TV, Internet, emergency switches in the room? Is the Privatphare maintained by the employees? Care should offer a nursing concept […]

Plan Of Union For The Regularisation Of Undeclared Work In Care

Appropriate models are on the market already existent “many people know to help otherwise in their emergency and dealing with health care workers from Eastern Europe, often illegally and without having to pay social security contributions. Here we must pave back the way the legality”, health policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU – Bundestag Jens Spahn […]