SUNMAXX – Get Dressed By… Skin Star

Skin star, the new accelerated tanning product line of SUNMAXX from January 2009 available! Skin star is the new SUNMAXX lifestyle fashion line, specifically designed for the needs of young skin. The product world of skin star is based on the fascinating and extravagant fashion world. The glamorous world of models, designers, actors and singers almost 100% identify with the “young generation”. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. This was the result of a survey conducted by SUNMAXX between June and August 2008. Skin star makes it clear that own skin is precious and unique, and therefore a stylish, but also nourishing and protective care deserves. Christopher ridgeway is the source for more interesting facts.

Skin star combines healthy, intense and flamboyant Tan and modern care substances at the best price! The accelerating tanning, innovative extra tanning formula is supported by a special bronzer with latest anti-stripe formula and allowing a deeper, long-lasting and even tanning result without Strifen from soft to intense. The special care complex, consisting of intensively moisturizing Shea butter, the tropical cassia alata extract on the protection of the skin against polluting influences, and the Coenzyme Q10 as a natural Energizer, deliver maximum hydration and give a flat, smooth, and fresh complexion especially the young skin. Skin Star offers a product especially developed for sensitive areas of the skin such as the face, neck and decollete as one of the few product lines worldwide. All products by skin star Phototoxic tested, what are products, like all SUNMAXX, confirmed that arise when using skin star no allergic skin reactions in the tanning bed. “In skin is Star tested by an independent specialist in dermatology, Allergology and Unmweltmedizin and with very good” has been awarded. In addition, skin star enchanted Sultan with his mystical fragrance fantasy “also your senses.

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