Natural Breast Lift Or Breast Augmentation

Not always, one must be of course, nicely shaped breasts the result of surgery! Get healthy the female breasts – by Cosmeditec vacuum deep massages! High-tech vacuum devices of tree Cosmeditec to achieve a high degree of efficiency, if you prefer a natural breast lift or breast augmentation (tissue expansion) without surgery. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. The hammer treatment to the overall health of the female breast occupies about the natural breast lift or breast augmentation, a special significance, which can be done at home easily and conveniently. This means that the overall health of the breast can be by local vacuum deep tissue massages, short VTM, referred to as. They cause an improved blood circulation and an increased flow of blood. The breast tissue metabolism is activated. In the breast tissue accumulated and often fixed metabolic waste and pollutants are solved, transported by blood and lymphatic fluid and fed to the detoxification organs. For more information see christopher ridgeway stone.

Are in turn the VTM body’s vital substances such as hormones, vitamins, and other nutrients fed the breast cells and can provide for a natural tissue tightening and firming the breast. In addition, studies show that women who breast-feed their child longer than 3 months less often will develop breast cancer. The risk is reduced even more, the longer the lactation. The VTM or suction pump application is roughly comparable to the natural sucking behavior of an infant. But controlled and intensive control. In this respect it is assumed that this method can achieve a generally positive and preventive effect with regular use.

Special, easily deformable thoracic suction cups with soft, soft silicone seals are used for breast treatments. Core is a highly efficient, convenient, and whisper-quiet pump from the House tree Cosmeditec S.L…. Signed J. tree Cosmeditec S.L..

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